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Bargnolino (Italian Sloe Liqueur)

An easy to make medium strength liqueur that is not too heavy after food.

Ingredients for 2 to 3 x 750ml bottles:

1kg Sloes
500g granulated sugar – although other types will work ok
1 litre of pure 90˚alcohol – cheap vodka will do if you cannot get the REAL thing
1 bottle of Gutturnio red wine (strong, heavy red. Malbec or Primitivo will do)

Wash sloes and dry on kitchen paper. When dry put into large jar with a lid together with the sugar. Cover with the alcohol, yes, all of it.
Leave to infuse for 50-60 days. Shake container every 2 days.
Remove berries and add wine* to jar. Leave to infuse for another 15 days.
After 15 days, filter through a cloth and bottle.
*You can add some cinnamon at this point if you like it – we do not.